08 January 2009

Cold weather but fun guests...

I Suoceri

We dropped Valerie’s parents off at Fiumicino airport Wednesday morning after their last few days of touring Italy with us. We showed them some of the unique things offered in the area around Ascoli Piceno, including one of our favorite wineries and an oleificio where they were finishing the last olive pressing of the season.

One day we drove up to Civitella del Tronto and they had the opportunity for a short American history lesson, here in the heart of Italy. We were surprised by the number of people visiting the fortress, more than we have seen on much warmer and clearer days.

On a cold but clear day we drove up to Loreto to see the beautiful basilica but were surprised when the piazza was full of motorcycles. That Sunday was the day for the bishop to bless motorcycles and the roar of the engines at noon was so loud you could not hear the bells ringing.

For their last few days we made a route over through Norcia and Spoleto on our way to Cerveteri which is located just north of Fiumicino. This is a unique city with some truly spectacular Etruscan ruins. Their last night in Italy was capped off with viewing the presepe vivente that the people of Cerveteri put on that included close to a hundred people plus live animals, these unique Italian productions are quiet a sight to see.

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