27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are certain things with living here in Italy when you feel out of place. Sporting events are a time when I feel this way; I really do not find calcio to be all that interesting. I have tried to understand the phenomena but I don’t. Now with football I do miss the US; Italians just do not understand the thrill when The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the crap out of the Michigan Wolverines like they did last week. There are no Italian Super Bowl parties. The newspapers don’t analyze inning by inning the World Series.

Holidays like the 4th of July and Thanksgiving Day are two of those days during the year when you are out of sync with everyone else here. These are just regular days to those around us, no mad rush today for Italians to get their turkey and pies into the oven. No mass movement of the population across the country to be with family and friends. No awakening the day after to the onrush of the holiday shopping season. No leftovers!

We do know other expats who will be celebrating Thanksgiving as groups but most of these are this weekend since today is just another working day for many. I prefer to celebrate a holiday on that day.

As with everyday we are thankful for many things that the Lord has bestowed upon us including our families, friends and the opportunity to live here in Italy.

Happy Thanksgiving…and God Bless!

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