31 October 2008

What time was that appointment?

We are in the process of renewing our permesso di soggiorno, having mailed in our packets and received notice of our appointment for this morning to go to the Questura and be fingerprinted and have our photos processed. We each received a letter with times 9 minutes apart. This made us think perhaps the process has improved here in Ascoli Piceno.

Ma no! We arrived a about ten minutes before our appointed time and there were several people milling around the waiting room and we asked one of them if they were calling names by appointment, they responded that we needed to place our letters in the small basket by the door and they would then call us. I dutifully placed our appointment letters in the basket and we waited. And waited, and waited. Forty minutes later an official came out and took the stack of documents that had developed in the basket.

It was now a good forty-five minutes past our appointment time when we were finally called into the glassed in both. Once inside the process was similar to the last time: verify our passports, scan our photo, our signature and our fingerprints. Then a friendly “Caio” and we were told we would get a phone text message when our permesso di soggiorno cards are ready, in about two months.

An hour after our arrival we were again out the door, now another two months and we should be good for another two years with our permits to stay in Italy.


Barbara said...

Altho we didn't have to place our letters in a basket, we too discovered that the appointment time wasn't exactly what we thought it would be....apparently everyone there that day had appointments at more or less the same time, so it was still first come, first served! Anyway, we're all one step closer to that next permesso! Bravi per noi!

Bryan said...

What they need to do is set-up a coffee bar in the waiting room, there would be a captive group of customers!