01 October 2008

Time for a renewal

Rinovo Permessi

To be able to stay in Italy we are required to have a permesso di soggiorno, permit to stay. When we decided to move to Italy we had to obtain a visa from the Italian consulate in the US before we arrived in Italy and soon after arriving we applied for our first permessi in the Provincia di Roma. This first try required seven months before we had the actual document in hand, but fortunately it was valid for two years.

When we moved to Ascoli Piceno and wanted to get residenza we had to change our permessi from the Provincia di Roma to the Provincia d’Ascoli Piceno, a process that was much quicker but provided no extension to the original expiration.

It has come time for us to renew our permessi.

We learned from the process when we changed provincial that using the organization called CISL makes the process much easier and quicker. We gathered the documents required: copies of every page in our passports, copies of our existing permessi, copies of our codice fiscale, copies of apartment contract and copies of statements showing we have enough cash to support ourselves. I obtained the required packets from the Uffico Postale, paid the 27.50€ fee for each of us at the Ufficio Postale, bought the tax stamps, marca da boli, of 14.62€ for each of us and we took all of this into the CISL office.

Being the only two Americans here that go through this process with CISL, we are recognized and the lady who helps us knows who we are. We picked up our forms from CISL that they completed electronically and then headed off to the Ufficio Postale to have them forwarded to the immigration office, another 30€ each. We have been told that we should hear from the local Ufficio Immigrazione within a few weeks for appointments to have our photos and fingerprints taken for completing the permesso di soggiorno.

From there it should only be short wait for our permessi to be complete and be given our carte da soggiorni, the card we are given to show we have permission to stay in Italy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, good luck with your permits. Does CISL charge for the service of helping with your permit process?

Bryan said...

CISL is a labor organization and I understand they receive government funds for helping foreigners, they charge no fee for this service.