16 October 2008

Extra strong coffee!

Liquore al Caffé

For those of us who have an affection for Italian caffé then you will also want to experience Liquore al Caffé, the best of which is Lucano al Caffé. This amaro is a rich after-dinner coffee liquor (30% alcohol) that is infused with real caffé. One of the many digestivi available here in Italy to help your stomach process your pasta.

The most popular liquore al caffe' in Italy is Borghetti and there are several regionally produced options, but my favorite is the Amaro Lucano Liquore al Caffé. Unfortunately I have only been able to find this in the southern parts of Italy, particularly in Lucania (Basilicata). The locals of Laurenzana, south of Potenza, claim a long history of making this type of liquore and we have enjoyed several superb produced locally.

For me the amaro was an acquired taste but now it is one of the tastes that will always remind me of bella Italia.


Carol ReMarks said...

Unfortunately I will have to take your word on this one; I can't drink alcohol.

Bryan said...

Enjoy a good caffe' and you will have a good idea of the taste.