22 September 2008


The best?

I have read where many Italiaphiles claim Illy coffee is the best in the world. My experience with caffé is that the brand of coffee is important but the barista is just as important, if not more so.

Illy bars are spread across Italy and many other countries of the world. Ascoli Piceno has two in the centro storico and both make a good caffé. However my experience with Illy bars in other countries has not always been pleasant. For example in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris there is a large Illy bar in the middle of the international terminal and the caffé I had there was very bad and very expensive. I have also tried places in the US that advertise the use of Illy caffé but again my experience with caffé in America should be well known to regular readers.

Illy is one of the better Italian brands available in the US but here there are so many choices that are just as good, if not better.


Carol ReMarks said...

Oh I have never heard of this "Illy" coffee. Will have to Google it and try it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the coffee they use at Tazze d'Oro in Rome-probably because it's not bitter at all. We order it from them!

Anonymous said...

I love illy! I used it my american drip machine when the craving for long coffee strikes. There is an illy cafe in Seattle that served italian style caffè and it was pretty good, almost like being at the local neighborhood bar.

Anonymous said...

I have heard people say "Illy is the best coffee in Italy" but then none of my Italian friends buy it themselves. I think it's mostly clever marketing by Illy. I prefer Lavazza myself.

Bryan said...

Off hand I can't think of any stores near us where you can buy Illy, too many other good choices that cost a lot less.

Marketing can always create a perception. Whether it is true or not is another issue.