30 August 2008

Buckeye Football 2008

Buckeye Philosophy

I always enjoy college football season and that is one of the things I miss about life in Italy. Sitting in a stadium, especially Ohio Stadium is an experience unlike many: almost 100,000 fans cheering and interacting while enjoying a great contest on the field on a cool crisp fall day.

This list is partially mine and partially from an article by Mr. Krumm, another avid Buckeye fan.

  1. You cannot have a second favorite college football team.
  2. You can despise another team less than others, excluding Michigan and ND.
  3. When Notre Dame and Michigan play it is mandatory to despise both, there is no winner.
  4. It is accepted to be emotional during “Script Ohio”, while remembering Woody, after beating Michigan and after winning a National Championship.
  5. Always return any “O…H” with an “I...O”.
  6. Everyone should rush the field after an OSU victory over Michigan at least once in their life.
  7. When you die you should have a buckeye placed in your coffin.
  8. Attend the Spring Game; it will make it easier to survive the summer.
  9. When praying, it is not sacrilegious to count being a Buckeye as a blessing.
  10. Try to never heckle a current or former Buckeye player.
  11. Correct anyone who does not refer to OSU as “THE” Ohio State University.
  12. Admit you wish you played tuba and could dot the “i”.
  13. There are no bad seats in Ohio Stadium.
  14. If your wife asks you what the greatest night of your life was, admit the truth – January 3, 2003.
  15. Plant a Buckeye tree in your yard.
  16. Hang a Buckeye flag on game day. If a neighbor hangs a Michigan flag it is your sworn duty to tear it down.
  17. It is okay not to get the drum major thing; it is not okay to fail to cheer when the plume touches the field.
  18. In honor of Woody, the principle of “paying forward” should be practiced at all times by all Buckeyes.
  19. Never get married on a Saturday that a Buckeye game is scheduled, there are typically 38 other weekends to choose from.
  20. Never attend a wedding scheduled during a Buckeye game, unless you carry a TV.

We were married in October while we lived in Columbus and #19 was very important in scheduling our wedding day, it had to be an away game day or many of our friends would not have attended as they were season student ticket holders. I am also honored to say that Woody delivered his famous “paying forward” speech at my commencement.

I will admit that I do have a second favorite team, the New Mexico Lobos, however there is little chance they will ever face each other on the gridiron.

So Go Buckeyes and let’s update the date for #14 to January, 2009.


Anonymous said...

Yooohooo! Go Bucks. I am from southern Ohio as well, now living in Alabama. (roll tide) heehee But the Bucks are still in my heart and always will be.

Oh and I'd LOVE to live in Italy. We will be in Rome for our honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

Ohio State? Never heard of it! Is it anywhere near Penn State?

Bryan said...

Buckeyes are everywhere (we also have Buckeye trees in Italy). 43-0, a good start!

Steve, OSU is way above PSU...

Anonymous said...

Who is Woody??

Bryan said...

Mama Mia!!!

Wayne Woodrow "Woody" Hayes, a teacher, historian, motivator, OSU football coach and legend from 1951 to 1978.

For more on Woody: http://buckeyefansonly.com/woody/