12 July 2008

Dove la toilette?

Roadside peeing

Bathroom modesty does not seem to be an Italian male issue. We noticed this on previous trips to Italy and see it rather frequently: men stopped along the side of the road taking a pee. This is not some lazy country lane but also the multi-lane Autostrade. Many times they will be stopped within minutes of a nearby service area with bathroom facilities. Hello, there are signs advertising where these are.

The men are also taught this at an early age as we frequently will notice a car along the highway and mom or dad is out there with the young son holding his pants down so junior can take a leak. Not behind a car door or in the bushes off the road but next to the car in full view of people passing by.

One of those quirks that makes Italy…Italia.


Unknown said...

This is not uncommon in Norway either. :) Maybe not so much on the highway, but atleast on country roads...

Anonymous said...

Forty years ago, and more, you saw it frequently in the USA on country highways. My guess is, the advent of interstates and proliferation of restrooms made it unnecessary.

Bryan said...

Country roads and where there are no restrooms I understand but this is common along the toll roads in Italy.

We have even seen buses along the A1 stopped with men lined up along the side of the road.

My wife complains that this is no fair as women do not have this option so easily available.