05 August 2008

Pick your brand

Caffe’ signs

In the US it is common for small food businesses to have signs that have been provided by beverage suppliers with the shop name and the beverage label. How many times have you seen a hamburger joint sign with the Coca-Cola logo or a beer hall sign with a Budweiser logo?

Here in Italy many of the coffee bars have signs that also have the coffee supplier logo. These logos will also vary from one area to another. For example the coffee brand logos we saw when we lived in Anzio are different than those that we see here in southern Marche. If you have a favorite brand it is helpful to check the signs as more often than not the brand of coffee is displayed as prominently as the bar name.

Here are some samples of bar signs from Ascoli Piceno:


erin said...

what a fun post! I picked out a few of my favorite brands in Florence too...love the signs.

Bryan said...

We now know to look for our brand when in a new town.