17 June 2008

Good caffe' in America

Sheri’s Coffee House

I knew I would not find a good caffe’ in the US so I really did not make an effort as in our previous trip, being content to drink moka coffee. The one or two times I tried a coffee shop the results were dismal, weak coffee in a cup too large and too expensive. At one chain coffee shop coffee and pastries for four people was more that $16, a good 30% more than what we would pay here.

I found even the French make bad coffee. While at the airport in Paris there was an Illy bar in the terminal and I ordered a caffe’ macchiato which was more like a small cappuccino, weak and too much milk. So much for those who claim Illy is always the best.

The one exception to this experience was a coffee house in Norwalk, Ohio. Sheri’s Coffee House is located on Whittlesey St, just north of Main St. in the downtown area. Since Valerie’s grandmother lived in that town we made several visits there and after explaining on our first visit how I wanted my caffe’ it was right each time. I think one of the factors in Sheri’s making good caffe’ is that their machine is made by a company located here in Marche. They also showed an interest if the caffe was okay and the results were the best I have found in the US.

So if you are in north central Ohio and really need a good caffe’ head down US20 and stop in at Sheri’s in Norwalk. Be sure to enter their raffle for a Vespa!


Anonymous said...

Will get this to Sherri. Know she'll appreciate it.

And-- you must tell the story of how you became a caffe gourmet sometime!

Love, MamaJo

Bryan said...

I'm sure they will appreciate that, don't forget the raffle tickets!

I did mention about getting hooked on caffe' in a previous post - no coffee for me before visiting Italy.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Sara from the coffeehouse and I think I am the one who made your coffee. Thank you so much for posting the article. We have it out for everyone to read. Sheri really appreciated it. Thanks for visiting us best of luck in Italy.

Bryan said...

Sara, Glad to hear you enjoyed this. Let us know who wins the Vespa.