21 June 2008


Benzina and the exchange rate

I have noticed this week that the price of a liter of Senza Pb (unleaded) is 1.55€. The price of diesel previously had been about 10% less but now is about same price. This has been increasing steadily here in Italy as in the US.

The number 1.55 also applies to the cost this week for us to buy Euros, $1.55 per 1.00€.

With the cost for benzina and the cost to convert our greenbacks into euros the price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in Italy is about $9.13. When we were in the US earlier this month there was much talk about a gallon of gas hitting the $4.00 per gallon mark.

Who do you think has more reason to complain?


Gil said...

I know I should have waited to buy Euros. My dear old local Bank of America branch charged my $1.633. How's that for customer service!

Anonymous said...

While 1.63 seems a little high, 1.55 probably doesn't include commission or a service charge; you did not do as bad as you think.