25 May 2008

Road block!


One of the unique traffic hazards we have encountered here in southern Marche are traffic stoppages caused by sheep blocking the road. These aren’t necessarily blockages on small countryside roads but have occurred on major state roads as well. Spring is the season for shepherds to bring their flocks in for shearing and many times a paved road if the most direct route.

On more than one occasion we have had to stop as the sheep crowded past our vehicle, always intent on keeping ahead of the dogs behind them. Most people are patient and wait as the animals quickly pass, seeming more anxious to get out of the way than anyone might be to get to their destination.

I will take a traffic jamb caused by sheep over one caused by fume spewing SUV’s any day.


Anonymous said...

I love it. It's a shep-jam :)

Bryan said...

You just want to reach out and pet them as they go by.

Anonymous said...

We encountered a sheep-jamb in the mountains of Calabria. It was a hoot....and so unexpected. The shepherd was friendly, wanted to know where we were from, posed for fotos with the *sheps*. Can't wait to come back!!!

Bryan said...

After the traffic we have had this week in Chicago we long for sheep in the road.