15 April 2008

The winner is...

After two days of voting the results are in for the Italian election and Berlusconi’s coalition of what they call the center-right has had a significant victory. His coalition will have significant majorities in the Italian Senato (168 to 130 seats) and Camera (340 seats to 239 seats). Berlusconi’s party, Il Popolo della Liberta did not win a majority on its own but their coalition with other parties will provide them with these margins.

Many of the fringe parties gathered less than 1% of the vote and will have no representation in the new government. Despite the large number of parties there are still two main camps that run Italian politics; the center-right and the center-left.

You can read more about the election results from an Italian newspaper perspective.

We have asked many of our friends if they voted and for whom and despite their answer they all finish with a statement that they think all the politicians are the same and they do not expect much to change no matter who wins.

Politicians are politicians in any language…

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