31 March 2008

Primavera Italia

Spring in Italy

Traveling around the countryside of Marche we can see the signs that primavera has arrived. This means flowers in the fields and people out trimming their vines and olive trees in anticipation of the coming growing season.

This is always a pleasant time, days of bright sun mixed with days of rainy drizzle. Both which are needed for the crops to grow so we can enjoy the bounty this region has to offer this summer and fall. I am willing to put up with the onset of my hay fever to enjoy a bright green primavera, something that was a rarity for us in New Mexico.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

What a lovely sight!!! I can just imagine being in that field :-)

We thought spring had arrived in the UK yesterday...today though it is very dull and cold ...

Bryan said...

Spring has just started, it gets greener everyday - hopefully it last through the summer.