20 March 2008

One of those weeks

When we decided to move to Italy we had a strong desire to do that, and we still have a strong desire to stay here. But…for those who wonder, life in Italy can be trying at times and it is not always sunny “Under the Tuscan Sun”. If you have followed our story you know we were initially denied a visa and we could have easily given up at that point but we prevailed. We have prevailed through many trying issues such as bureaucracy, summer heat and humidity, language issues, finding apartments and even choosing the place we would call home.

Life in Italy though has many rewards, some which can also be considered problems depending on your point of view. We determined when we moved here that our view would be that things are done differently…not better or worse…than what we were used to in the US.
This week has presented a couple small stumbling blocks for me which highlight the frustration life in a foreign country with a foreign language and customs can present. Many times it is the small things that make you think “Why are we doing this?”. Then I will walk around Ascoli Piceno, through the medieval piazze, look at the fresh food in the alimentari and have a real caffe’ with my friend Luca and I know why we are doing this.


Barbara said...

We understand all too well the obstacles, frustrations and difficulties with living in Italy, but like you, it doesn't take much to remind us why we're here. Hang in there!

Brendan said...

The difficulties of living in Italy build character. I am figuring this out after living in the UK for 6 months now! If you really love it there, then you will find a way to stay.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you probably had some of these weeks in the US also.

Bryan said...

"Like steel being sharpened by stone"
I always liked that verse and I do find that the frustrations you have now can be beneficial in the future in other circumstances.