04 April 2008

I can't see for the trees

If only I had a chain saw.

It is not that I am against trees; I am an Eagle Scout and fully enjoy the forest and the animals that inhabit that domain. I have spent countless days and nights enjoying the wilds of the American West under magnificent trees and starlit skies. But sometimes removing a tree or two can be a good thing.

Ascoli Piceno has a good sized hill that rises above the city and this location would provide beautiful vistas of the medieval city below…if it weren’t for the trees. Since we moved here we have gone to several locations to try and get a good view of the city but each new promising place is blocked by trees. Some of these just need a good trimming and the view would be fantastic - the city could sell tickets to tourists. Maybe even make enough money to plant a few more trees.

A friend of ours, an Italian-American who has a house nearby, explained that in Italy there are laws against cutting trees, even on your own property. You are required to obtain permission for any tree cutting. However as with any permit process in Italy, many people just cut down the trees they want removed and then pay the fine that is imposed.

Given the problems of this past summer with forest fires Italy may need to seriously rethink some of her forest management strategies and allow for tree cutting.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut wood!


Anonymous said...

Is this like Colle S. Marco? There are plenty of places to have a view. It doesn't hurt to let a few trees grow.

Bryan said...

On the road to Colle San Marco there are a couple openings to see town but you are several km away, this photo is in town at Fortezza Pia.