08 March 2008

A change in weather and visitors

We had been several weeks without any rain in Ascoli Piceno and last weekend we had clear skies and temperatures close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, that all changed this past Wednesday. Tuesday was sunny and warm and when we woke up on Wednesday the skies were overcast and there was a light drizzle starting.

Wednesday also happened to be the day Valerie’s parents were arriving by plane in Roma from Ohio. When they left Ohio it was rainy and the rain was turning to ice. By the time we got them back to Ascoli Piceno it was starting to snow here too. Wednesday we awoke to snow on Colle San Marco and by later in the day it started to drizzle again. Thursday we were greeted by a steady downpour that lasted all day until just after dinner.

Fortunately today we awoke to clear blue skies and warmer temperatures. We headed off to some of the nearby hill towns and enjoyed a picnic lunch in Offida. We raised our glasses to our family and friends in Ohio who are in the midst of a full fledge blizzard.

We certainly needed the moisture in our area but it was good to have a clear day to show Valerie’s parents the area we call home.

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