27 February 2008

Why not sooner?


I don’t know why it took so long to do this but today I obtained my library card from the Biblioteca Comunale for Ascoli Piceno. I was near the biblioteca this morning and figured I would see what was needed to get this card and the friendly clerk advised that all I had to do was show a picture id and give an address. For the picture id you can use your passport, permesso di soggiorno or carta d’identita. After a brief ten minutes I had my card in hand and now have access to not only the biblioteca in Ascoli Piceno but also for most of the surrounding towns.
I have had a library card since I was in elementary school but we have had an abundance of books to read and found other English speakers we could exchange books with since we moved to Italy. I do think a library is a good source of information and resources so I will definitely need to take advantage of it in the future.

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erin said...

library cards are one of those things you don't miss when you don't have it, but when you remember to get it, you wonder why you didn't have it before!

We just got ours last month - and it's so great...tons of free books, dvds, cds :) love the library