21 February 2008

Make your own elevator

i traslochi

Many of the multi-story buildings in Italy are without elevators, which poses a problem for movers. This is combined with the fact that many of the buildings were built hundreds of years ago and the stairways can be very narrow and small. The centro storico of Italian cities also present issues with truck access for large moving trucks.

The solution for these problems is with a portable lift that I have seen used many times in the centro storico of Ascoli Piceno. The traslochi, moving companies, have this mounted on the back of a truck that parks in front of the building and a rail is fitted from the truck to usually a window or rooftop with a platform that moves up and down the rail. I have seen these used both for moving furniture and also for moving building supplies up to upper levels.

Some more Italian ingenuity at work to solve a common problem in a country full of historic cities.

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