04 February 2008

Finally in our new apartment

It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a little over a year in an apartment that came furnished. When we moved from Anzio to Ascoli Piceno a little over a year ago we fit everything we had in two trips with our little Ford Fiesta. We spent part of three days last week moving what we have accumulated from our old apartment to our new one on the other side of the centro storico. Since both apartments are on the 2nd floor (3rd floor for Americans) this involved a lot of trips down and up stairs on my part and believe me there were more than two trips involved with our Ford Fiesta.
More than once in this moving process we asked ourselves where all this stuff came from. Valerie likes to call me a pack-rat, which I admit, but since our move to Italy we haven’t had that much time or space for me to pack-rat. We have, however, bought some items to make our apartment more comfortable and people have brought or mailed us things and little by little we have more; probably more than we need.
 The view of Ascoli Piceno from our new apartment

As I described before, we moved for sunlight, space and a little quite. It has been nice the past few days to have sunlight streaming into our living room. We are still working on where to put things and having to get our landlord to finish a few minor items before we can truly settle into our new home.

Also Il Carnivale started last week during our move and we have been busy enjoying the festivities…more on that later.


Barbara said...

Moving, even to a better place, is stressful and exhausting, so congratulations on completing the move! I hope you'll enjoy your new place with all it's extra room. How about some pictures, esp if you have any of the sun shining thru your windows? We seem to have lost the sun here in Umbria

erin said...

I'm glad things are moving along with your new apartment! The view looks lovely and quite serene! Congrats!

Piccola said...

Wow...what a view! Nice.

Anonymous said...

It's so true that possessions begin to possess you, isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am thinking about visiting Italy in August, but I am scared that to be stuck with all thew tourists and all businesses closed. Wha tshould I expect? Is it not a good idea to go then?
I hear from Americans that it's bad, from Italians that it's good. I appreciate all advice.

Gil said...

What a view! Great picture.

Bryan said...

We are still unpacking and figuring out where things go so it will be awhile before the inside is photo worthy.

It is nice that from here we can see the snow capped Sibillini to the west, Mt dei Fiori to the south and the spires of the Duomo and the bell tower of Chiesa S Carmine in the centro.

Anonymous- August is a great time to visit Ascoli. For more info check out www.panoramaitaly.com.