04 January 2008

Water woes continue...

Una crisi senza aqua

We are now starting our second week here in Ascoli Piceno and the southern portion of the province without regular water service. Since the pipe break last Friday afternoon we have had intermittent water service, which changes every few days. Several neighborhoods and towns have had no water all week. They originally announced we would be without water for a few days and now they are talking a few weeks. We continue to stock pile water when it is available and relish in showers and toilets that flush.

After the first day without any water they announced in the newspapers that there would be water for two hours at noon each day. Then a few days later, unknown to us, they changed the water cycle to two hours at 6:00AM and then again at 7:00PM. Today we read in the papers there will be water until noon, nothing in the afternoon. When we have water tomorrow is still a question we ponder. Limited water use we can adjust to be a constantly changing time schedule sure makes it difficult.

The newspapers have been carrying stories about the outrage against Ciip, the water company, and how they handled the supply line break and of course why were they not prepared for such an unexpected disaster. In addition they are talking about lawsuits against Ciip and other parties involved and I even saw a headline today with that notorious American legal term…class action!

Hopefully by the time we return from the US later this month the water service will be restored and the local talk will about the upcoming il carnevale.


Gil said...

Wow! This is just way too long to fix a main break. Even the local city owned water company in a nearby town to me usually fixes break within hours. If they don't fix the actual break they jury rig something to get the water flowing again.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ooo..not good. NG.
Can I still wish you a happy new year though? :)

Bryan said...

Fortunately I always enjoyed camping...I feel like that when doing the dishes with bottles of water. Just a bump in life in Italy that we are adjusting to.

Not to worry...we plan to enjoy another new year in Ascoli.