14 January 2008

Visiting Washington, DC

We arrived in Washington, DC late on Thursday after being up for 24 hours and were told by Valerie’s uncle that we looked as tired as we felt, neither one of us sleeps well on planes. Our time has been spent catching up with some family and friends in this area and the time has gone by very fast.

It has been about five years since we visited here last and there are some new monuments and museums that we have not seen before but we were able to fit in a little sightseeing. We were impressed by the World War II monument on the Mall and the new Air Force monument soars over the west bank of the Potomac. I always enjoy the National Portrait Gallery which was closed for renovation during our last visit. The one place we were not impressed with was the new American Indian Museum, after 20 years living in New Mexico with regular contact with native cultures we felt there was a lot more they could have done to tell their unique story.

We are off to Ohio on Wednesday and unfortunately the weather forecasts look bleak, we are in store for some COLD winter weather.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised at how much my family enjoyed a trip to DC. Interesting place.

Bryan said...

We always tell Italians that we think DC is one of the most beautiful cities in America...besides the musuems are free

Jeanna said...

What a wonderful blog. This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. It’s really exciting to read about your experience. I would love to visit Washington. I would love to enjoy road trip going there. I am going to plan summer vacation.