02 January 2008

A visit back "home".

Going to the US

Since we moved to Italy in May 2006 we have not been back to the United States, later this month we will be making our first short trip back. Despite it being the middle of the winter in Ohio and Washington DC we are looking forward to being able to visit our families in those two areas. We do not consider this a trip “home” since we lived in New Mexico for twenty years and that was our “home” in America. For many years we would tell people who ask that we grew-up in Ohio but New Mexico was our home state. The more time we spend in Italy the more it seems like our new “home”.

As the time approaches to go I start to think about how things there might be different…or should I say how our prospective of what we see will be different after living in Italy.


Jane said...
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Jane said...

Bryan, I am very anxious to read of your experience when you return for a visit. I know that what was familiar may well be overpowering after almost two years in Italy. But..you will enjoy your friends and family. When it is time to return to Italy, you will know how much that is home to you now.


2/1/08 19:37

Decobabe said...

I sincerely hope it will feel less shocking to you than it did to me. I noticed the level of violence in ways that did violence to my head.

Judith in Umbria

Anonymous said...

Home is where your heart is and I know your heart is in Italy, but I can't wait to see you!!!!