04 December 2007

By default...OSU v. LSU

BCS Championship game...OSU v. LSU

Once again my beloved Buckeyes will be playing in the BCS National Championship game in January. After their loss to Illinois four weeks ago they became the #1 ranked team in the US, mainly by default as other teams stumbled. College Football this season has been a series of teams ranked in the top 5 that have stumbled, dropped in rankings, and later resurrected in the standings.

It appeared to me that LSU was the choice of the media all season to play in the championship game and there are many questions as to the quality of opponents that OSU played this year. There is one other team with a better record than OSU and a couple with better records that LSU, another indication to me that College Football needs some type of play-off system.

Since the game on January 7 in New Orleans starts at 8PM EST I will be getting up at 2AM on the 8th our time again this year to listen to the game.



Anonymous said...

Go Bucks!!! I'll be watching the game and since no one in the family wants to watch it with me, I will be calling if you're up.

Bryan said...

They do not fully understand the entertainment value of watching a RAPID Buckeye fan pace around an enclosed space for 3 hours without pause. Then there is the screaming at the TV at an ear-piercing decibel!