19 November 2007

Piceno Home Services

Piceno Home Services

During the past summer I met a local real estate agent who was interested in my background based on seeing my website Italy Property Preview. We met several times and discussed how my background and skills would be a benefit to an agent’s customers after the purchase of a property. From these discussions I have setup a new endeavor called Piceno Home Services.

Many foreign buyers in Italy have little or no Italian language skills and also may be part-time residents in Italy. A typical property purchased will also require a degree of restoration if not a complete rebuilding. Piceno Home Services provides a local contact that will deal with contractors during a restoration project and will also provide services for absent holiday homeowners.

This service is targeted to English speaking foreigners who are part-time residents in the southern portion of the Marche Region, known as the Piceno area. Services are tailored to meet the needs and desires of the property owner. Piceno Home Services will be their eyes and ears in their absence to provide some peace of mind for their piece of paradise.

Piceno Home Services: www.picenohomeservices.com


Anonymous said...

I wish you luck in your new endeavor :)

Bryan said...

thanks Maryann for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

best of luck