06 November 2007

The day for "new wine"

Vino Novello

Today is the first day for Vino Novello, or new wine, here in Italia. November 6 of this year marks the first day that stores and bars are allowed to offer this unique fall wine. Vino Novello by definition is a red wine that has fermented less than one year but usually is bottled after a few months. It is produced in a limited supply and being a fresh wine should be drunk within a few months of bottling. With the severe drought Italy experienced this past year the production in Marche is projected to be as much as 30% less than last year.

We were able to procure a bottle last week and the wine has a grapy flavor and the alcohol percentage is lower than our typical Piceno varieties. Several of the baristi we talked to said with the fruity flavor and lower alcohol content Vino Novello is a favorite of the younger crowd and women. We enjoyed the grapy but not sweet flavor of this wine which will only be available for a few months.

San Martino is associated with Vino Novello and with his feast day this weekend there are several feste in honor of the saint and the new wine. As with all things Italian there must be foods associated with an event and for Vino Novello it is castagne arrosto (roasted chestnuts) and grilled meats.


Anonymous said...

For more information see www.ansa.it and search the site for vino novello for November 2, 207

Anonymous said...

I want a taste of the new wine! The festa sounds wonderful also :)