29 August 2007

Why is that here?


This is a continuation of those things that are unique in Italy for Americans. When you go into a bathroom in Italy one of the things you will notice is an extra toilet, or so that is what many people think. This is actually a bidet which is a French term for a bathroom fixture adopted in much of Europe. You will find these in bathrooms in every home and hotel and I have also seen some in public bathrooms. You may not be able to find a bathtub or shower enclosure but you will be sure to find a bidet.

What do you do with it? This is where you have a seat and clean yourself. Many Americans find this a little weird but many Europeans think Americans are dirty because we do not have and use bidets. They are also great for washing and soaking your feet after a hot day in sandals. We find that with these fixtures that once you get used to using it they are very practical. One of the things in life that before you had one you did not know that you needed one…like a microwave oven.

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Gina said...

I'm actually a bidet convert. After spending about a year in Europe, the first thing I bought when I got back home in NJ is a toilet bidet. Got it from http://products.mercola.com/toilet-bidet/