15 August 2007

Buon Ferragosto


Today is Ferragosto, the major summer holiday for Italy. This day is based on the Catholic holiday Assunzione S. Vergine, or the ascent of Mary. This is the height of the holiday/vacation season in Italy. Last year when we lived in Anzio we saw an influx of people in that beach area, this year we are seeing the opposite in Ascoli Piceno. With La Quintana being over, signs have sprung up on shop windows that they are closed for at least part of August. There is a marked decrease in traffic and the usual passeggiata crowds are very thin. The percentage of tourists with their maps and cameras is greatly increased, the local papers have noted that the city will be vacant of residents and only the tourists will remain…and us. We prefer to avoid the holiday crowds.

This sign is in a bar window: Closed for vacation Opening Friday August 24,(Perhaps). Someone then wrote “But don’t say that”

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