18 July 2007

Torrente Castellano

Swimming hole

I was fortunate that when I was growing up in Ohio we lived in a subdivision that had a lake nearby that I could easily walk or ride my bike to get there. I would spend most of my summer days at this lake cooling off in the water or playing baseball, tennis or basketball in the park adjoining the beach area with friends.

Summer heat in Ascoli Piceno draws standard question from the locals of: “andate a mare?”, are you going to the sea? Having spent last summer in Anzio at the beach we aren’t inclined to rush off to the beach here. Ascoli Piceno is only 20 minutes from the Adriatic Coast but there you must deal with the tripling of the off-season population, the traffic, paying for a beach chair and having sand in everything.

Fortunatley Ascoli Piceno is surrounded by mountain fed streams and we can walk to these from our apartment. There is a trail that runs along Torrente Castellano and they have several dams to slow the water flow that create deep pools. The water here, being mountain fed, is molto freddo which makes it refreshing when the temperatures are pushing 90 degrees. It takes a few minutes to adjust to the water temperature but once you are fully immersed the summer heat is not so unbearable, the cool temperature making you want to find some warm sun. A few locals find their way down but we can always find a place to lay our towels and sit in the clear water.

With summer in full swing I am sure we will spend a few days in the torrente keeping cool and avoiding the beach crowds.

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