07 July 2007

La Quintana opening day

La Quintana 2007

La Quintana in Ascoli Piceno dates from the thirteenth century and the activities start this weekend and continue until August 5th, the feast day for San Emidio, the city’s patron saint. This colorful event includes flag throwing competitions, archery competitions, various costumed processions, and two giostre. These events are competitions where the six sestiere, or neighborhoods, compete against each other for the prized Quintana banners, as well as bragging rights.

With medieval roots this event has colorful costumes, flowing banners, horses, knights in armor, flag throwers and the sounds of drums and trumpets. Put all of this in a medieval town setting where all of the citizens seem to either participate or are cheering spectators and you have a couple weeks to captivate your imagination.

This afternoon started with a procession of representatives of La Quintana, trumpeters, flag carriers and representatives of each sestiere marching into Piazza del Popolo for the opening ceremonies. Tonight there will flag throwing competitions with individuals and small groups from each sestiera.

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