25 June 2007

"Twin" city


Growing up in Ohio we lived close to the city of Twinsburg which had a festival every summer to bring twins from all over America together in one city. I remember seeing pictures in the paper every year of the groups of twins that would gather, hence the city name “Twinsburg”. I recall personally knowing of or seeing few twins, neither in Ohio nor when we lived in the Albuquerque area.

In Ascoli Piceno we regularly see i gemelli. This past week-end I counted seven groups of identical twins, from young toddlers to teenagers and adults. I knew they were twins as each pair was together when I saw them, the children in similar clothing. After I noticed a couple of these pairs, it struck me as to the number of twins we see here. In addition we regularly see a pair of grown twin brothers at one of the pasticceria we frequent.

Add to these numbers our landlord, Guerrino, and his brother Angelo, who are fraternal twins. Their parents must have had insight into their character as Guerrino means “little warrior” and Angelo is “angel”. Guerrino is the feisty one who is always working on a project and Angelo is the mellow and laid back fratello.

Perhaps Ascoli Piceno needs to start its own Festa dei Gemelli.

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