18 June 2007

Special delivery

Local delivery service

There is a supermercato near us that we go to that have some of the staple items not available at the fruttivendolo, macelleria or forno that we frequent. This store is not much bigger than many living rooms I have seen in the US but is packed with just about every item you might need for preparing your daily meals. The staff is friendly and patient with my Italian plus one of the clerks likes to joke with me about how far I go jogging, he thinks it is “pochi”. My jogging habits seem to be well known around the centro storico where my route is.

There is a young clerk who I see around the centro storico on a motorino with boxes strapped to the front and back. This is used to deliver groceries and I have seen him at both residences and some local restaurants making deliveries before lunch. He packs a couple bags into each box so he can make more than one delivery on each trip. Customer service might still be alive in Ascoli Piceno.

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Anonymous said...

How great to live in a place where "specialty" stores aren't so "special". Here it's one stop shopping with zero personality, and even less customer service.

I can't wait to be in your shoes.