08 May 2007

Panorama Italy Tours

Panorama Italy

We have officially launched a tour group offering tours of the area that we call home – Ascoli Piceno. Since we first moved here we have been struck by all that this city and the Piceno area have to offer in history, art, food and scenery. Some guidebooks describe this area as encompasses all the best of Italy and we agree.

Our tours, Panorama Italy, will provide first class service to small groups with the availability of Italian language classes conducted by a native speaker. We will show our guests the hidden gems of the Piceno region that will tantalize the eyes as well as the palate. Our web-site at www.panoramaitaly.com, outlines the details of our itinerary options.

Valerie and I have teamed with our friend, Linda Ancona, who is a native of Ascoli Piceno and is experienced teaching people of all levels her native Italian. The three of us share our passion for what the Piceno area offers to both the first time visitor to Italy as well as the experienced traveler.

Visit Panorama Italy and plan your trip to this hidden jewel of southern Marche.

Our website was possible due to the generous help of our friends Bob and Maria Berry at Berry Patch.


Anonymous said...

Bryan and Valerie, I wish you well with your new venture and dream. It will be fun to see this all materialize and grow.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new business. I am sure you will provide a great experience for your clients. Since I an avid reader of your blog, maybe one day I will be able to be one of your customers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I only found about this city yesterday, and I stumbled upon this blog/post (via your wife's) this morning. I am American, living in Switzerland...feebly hoping to convince my swiss husband to make a move south to a certain country that starts with an I and ends in taly.
We are coming to your town the second week of June. I hear it's wonderful. Could I ask you for a tip...? Where to find a local restaurant? Not fine food - real food. Thanks if so :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica again, hours and hours later. I've never read someone's blog in ENTIRETY. you are the first. This blog is wonderful. I'm not yet moving to Italy, not by a long shot. Perhaps just because it's a "someday" dream, or because we're spending a too-short week in le marche in june, but I was fascinated to read these posts. i got all caught up in the saga of your visa; jealous of the rare caravaggio paintings, and curious what you will do do stay there now?? bravissimo! (p.s. i share the football pain.go irish :) )

Bryan said...

Thank you for the wishes and we hope that all the work that has gone into making this happen will allow us to make Italy our home.

Jessica - If you send us an email at tour@Panoramaitaly.com we can get you some names for great local places.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do well with Panorama Italy Tours; with Linda Ancona being part of the team I am pretty sure you will do great!!!!
Good Luck