26 May 2007

A city without water

Una citta’ senza acqua

This morning we awoke to find we had no water, nothing coming out of the faucets to make our caffe’, brush our teeth or take a shower. Fortunately we always have bottled water so we were able to brush our teeth and then set out to find a bar for some caffe’. Being without water is the topic in town, it seems the entire centro storico is without water and they have been working on the water line west of town since late last night. When we will have water, no one seems to know.

The fountains are off and there was a rush at the grocery stores for bottled water. There have been several stories in the paper this week about the drought they expect in Italy along with warm temperatures, hopefully today’s waterless experience is only a temporary one-time experience.

Being waterless gives new significance to my post yesterday on flushing…

We finally had running water again around 11:00 PM that night, just in time to take a shower before going to bed.

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