23 April 2007

Questura appointment...in May

Today we received two letters in the mail from the Questura di Ascoli Piceno; this is the immigration office that we have to deal with for our permesso di soggiorno. Since we applied for our original permessi when we lived in Anzio we submitted our request for changing our address on this form via the Officio Postale on March 16.
We received one letter for me indicating an appointment on May 21 and the second letter was for Valerie for an appointment on May 29. The letters instruct us to bring the letter, our passport, four photos and our original documents to be at the questura at 9:00 AM. We plan to take everything for both of us on May 21 and hopefully they can process both of us at the same time. This should be the final step in getting our new permesso di soggiorno for the Provincia di Ascoli Piceno, and then we can finalize the process for getting our residenza for the Comune di Ascoli Piceno.
However, until we have these documents in hand I am not considering this finalized.

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