27 April 2007

Ascoli Piceno - Porta di Solesta'

Porta di Solesta

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Every good medieval town in Italy must have at least one porta, or gate, and Ascoli Piceno does not let you down in this aspect. I think the most characteristic porta is Porta di Solesta on the old northern access to the centro storico by Ponte Augusteo over the Fiume Tronto. This solid travertine structure was erected in 1230 according to a tablet visible on the north side. The heavy wooden doors that could be closed to prevent access to the city are no longer in place but you can still see tell-tale signs of where they were located.

If you venture just across the Ponte Romana and look back towards Porta di Solesta you get a good panoramic view of the porta, some of the centro’s towers and even part of Monte Piselli just over the border in Abruzzo. This area is well lit at night and makes for a charming walk on a cool night to listen to the birds in the trees.

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