08 March 2007

Lunch with expats in Spoleto

Yesterday we drove to Spoleto in Umbria to meet Art and Barbara Skinner from San Venanzo for lunch. The drive to get there was by way of Norcia and was only about an hour and a half which was surprisingly quick with beautiful mountain views. We met Art and Barbara in Piazza della Liberta and spent about two hours doing an abbreviated tour of the centro storico before going to Il Pentagramma for a relaxing lunch. We enjoyed a delicious lunch while trading expat stories but afterwards rain began to fall so we said our “Ciao”s and headed back to Ascoli.


Jane said...

OK--When are you coming here??

Bryan said...

Ciao Casey - Greve is a bit farther than Spoleto, we would need to pick a place in between, but I think we will see you in July in Assisi.