24 March 2007

Best packing material for shipping to expats

A couple weeks ago friends from New Mexico mailed us a package with various goodies that we have since enjoyed. In addition to those items I also enjoyed the packing material they used; crinkled-up copies of the 'Albuquerque Journal'. They had used the local newspaper as box filler and I carefully unfolded and smoothed out each page so I could then leisurely read them.

This may seem like an unusual item but it can be a simple pleasure to read some local news from far away. At least the newspaper can be recycled into the bin down the street where the usual “pop-corn” and bubble wrap ends up going into the trash.


Anonymous said...

Why not read your local newspapers online. I read newspapers daily online just to keep up with what is going on in the US.

Anonymous said...

send me your addy. i'd like to contribute to sending the ABQ journal

Bryan said...

Thanks Felix...maybe wrap that around some green chilli.

I may be a little old fashion but there is something relaxing about kicking back with a newspaper in your hand, reading a computer screen just isn't the same.

erin said...

great tip! I'll be sure to let my friends and family know when we move in several months!

...I've really enjoyed reading your (and Valerie's) blog. Just found them a couple weeks ago! Inspirational (espcially since you're finding ways ot keep staying over there). We're so excited about our move as well.