05 March 2007

Ascoli Piceno - Chiesa di San Francesco

Chiesa di San Francesco

This Franciscan church marks the northern boundary of Piazza del Popolo. The travertine structure was started in the 1200’s but not completed until the 1500’s with the dome on the east end. Close examination of the side facing the piazza will reveal slight color differences in the stone indicating different periods of construction.

There are dual bell towers flanking the dome and an adjoining cloister which is in the finishing stages of renovation. The west portal has elegantly carved travertine with columns that are each a different style and lions that jut out from the wall, ready to roar.

The interior is modest but has some beautiful modern stain glass windows, some predicting recent events such as the Nazi occupation during World War II. This is a popular church on Sunday mornings where people gather in the piazza both before and after services to discuss the events of the week.

For tours of Ascoli Piceno visit Panorama Italy.


Charlie said...

Hi Brian!
Sorry I cant figure out how to respond to your post on my site so I came to yours haha.
The Van Gogh is 2 1/2' x 2'
The Picasso is 4 /2 ' x 4'
And the Navajo Sand Painting is 12" x 14"

Anonymous said...

Interesting, this is a future post. Today is Monday March 5 - the post is on Wednesday. Or has something happened with the time change that I don't know about?

Bryan said...

Pauline - good eye for detail. Time change has not kicked in yet (I corrected the date)