23 February 2007

Piazza di Polizia

This morning when we were walking back from indulging in our morning caffe and cornetti a helicopter kept circling over the centro storico with the distinct blue and white of the Polizia. When we lived near Albuquerque, NM it was not uncommon for us to see and hear various planes, jets and helicopter (both civilian and military) as there was an airport and major air force base located on the south end of town. Here in Ascoli Piceno we rarely hear aircraft noises so this helicopter was unusual and it had everyone looking up as it circled.As we passed Piazza del Popolo we saw what the commotion was all about – the piazza was full of Polizia. There were close to twenty different vehicles including a bus, several vans, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, bomb sniffing robots and a Lamborghini – all bearing the brand of the Polizia. Unknown to us, they were having an exhibition of polizia services, or more accurately a promotion for recruiting purposes. The center of attention was the Lamborghini, which was being swarmed by local teenagers all wanting to get a closer look and drooling over this slick pursuit vehicle.When we were at the pasticceria for our caffe this morning we looked through the newspaper and saw no mention of this display which had to be pre-planned. There must be some secret pipe-line for knowing when events are going to occur, as many just seem to pop-up and, unless we are out and about, we would never know of their existence.

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