09 January 2007

Up at 2:00 AM for some Buckeye misery

We set the alarm for 2:00 AM our time to log-on and listen to the BCS National Championship game being played in Glendale, AZ. My alma mater, the #1 ranked “The Ohio State University Buckeyes” were playing the #2 ranked “University of Florida Gators”. We fired up our laptop and connected to the radio feed via Fox Sports.

The game started with a bang when the Buckeyes ran the opening kick-off 93 yards for a touchdown. Unfortunately that was to be the highlight for my beloved Buckeyes. Florida dominated the field defensively and took advantage of the short field they were repeatedly provided. By half-time the Gators were up 34-14.

The second half only slowed my misery as the Buckeye defense stemmed the Florida scoring but the Buckeye offense continued to be anemic. The final score reflects how the University of Florida dominated this game, 41-14, on the way to becoming the reigning collegiate National Champions in both football and men’s basketball.

Now it is back to bed to hope that I will wake-up in a few hours and this will just have been a bad dream.

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