19 January 2007

Police at the door

This morning as we were leaving our building to have our morning caffe e cornetti we had a visitor waiting for us when we opened the door to the street. Standing there was a poliziotto who obviously was looking for us as he asked if we were the Schneiders. No, we haven’t done anything wrong; we were expecting the polizia to visit us to confirm our occupancy here as part of the residenza process. Tuesday when we went to the Anagrafe ufficio they told us the polizia would visit within a week. (See 16 January post)

We invited the poliziotto up the three floors to our apartment where he asked if we were married; in Italy when women marry they do not typically take their husband’s last name. We pointed out the copy of our marriage certificate he had from the Anagrafe. He asked if we were the owners of this apartment and we told him we were renters. He asked how long we have been in Ascoli Piceno and finished with the question we always get: are we working or students. After two minutes he was done, shook our hands and went off to his next task for the morning.

There is nothing like a smiling policeman to greet you at your door in the morning. Hopefully the rest of the residenza process will continue to proceed this smoothly.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats to you guys. You now have nothing to do for two years--lucky you!

Bryan said...

Jane, I assume you mean nothing to do related to our PdiS and yes that is a good feeling. Now we are busy with ideas/projects to be able to afford those 2 years.