15 December 2006


This week we drove south into Abruzzo to visit the hill town of Atri which is a little northwest of Pescara. Atri is a pleasant town with a centro storico that is easy to walk and from town you can see the panoramic views of the Adriatic to the east and to the west the Gran Sasso, which had a covering of snow.

We wandered some of the streets which were clean and well maintained and visited Chiesa di San Nicola with its wood ceiling, Chiesa di San Francesco with some beautiful stain glass windows as well as Chiesa di San Liberatore with a beautiful stain glass window of the crucifixion glowing in full sunlight. The Basilica was closed for renovations but we did get a quick peak into the town’s charming teatro on Piazza Duomo where there was a history presentation for the local school in progress.

We left Atri and drove through some of the calanchi, or eroded hills, to the west and into the Fiume Vomano valley before heading back to the A14 and north to Ascoli Piceno.


Anonymous said...


Neat little travel vignettes.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories! My family all live in Atri whilst I am all alone in Australia. Lovely insights. Buon viaggio!