28 November 2006

Codice Fiscale per lei

Today we obtained a codice fiscale for Valerie. This is an Italian tax number required for such things as opening a bank account or purchasing a telefonino. I had obtained one through the dreaded Los Angeles Consulate while we were still living in Albuquerque to check out the process and we never got around to getting one for Valerie (see post). The number they assign you is a combination of letters and numbers based on some personal data as well as what appears to be random digits.

So today we took a short drive outside the centro to find the Agenzia delle Entrate which is located in a group of modern glass paneled office buildings, which of course have no signs or markings that are visible from the street. Fortunately this was a short street and after finding a place to park we were able to locate the office by a process of elimination.

The whole process to obtain the codice fiscale only took about five minutes but we were at the office for over thirty minutes having to take a number and wait our turn. When the clerk asked for Valerie’s passport and permesso di soggiorno (PdiS) we showed her the receipt we have and had to explain that we applied six months ago for the PdiS when we were in Anzio but Roma Provincia is “molta lenta” (very slow). Fortunately the clerk verified that yes the receipt would be valid and we left the office with a paper copy of her codice fiscale; the plastic card will be mailed to our address in Ascoli Piceno.

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