04 November 2006


Today I went to visit Giuseppetti to get my monthly haircut. I saw Giuseppetti’s little shop in the centro after we moved here and was wandering the streets one day to familiarize myself with the area. The shop has a glass front where you can easily see his two old style leather barber chairs in front of a wall of mirrors. Against the side walls there are two comfortable overstuffed couches suitable for any home. I first went to this shop on my birthday for a little self-indulgence of a haircut and shave; I never had anyone shave me before and I must say that getting a shave is quiet a treat.

In my limited Italian I discovered from Giuseppetti, who appears to be in his sixties, that his father opened this shop seventy years ago. The shop looks like it has been well cared for in those seventy years, I have seen him in there when there are no customers cleaning each item on his counter. He still uses a brush to brush off hair, a brush to lather for the shave and also a straight blade for cleaning up your neckline and a shave. These are all things I miss from barbers in the US. A barber in Ohio told me brushes and straight blades were forbidden by the state “hair police” for sanitary reasons. For me, electric razors are no match for a blade.
Giuseppetti is another one of those little touches that makes Ascoli Piceno so welcoming

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you got the haircut. Otherwise your hair would be too long if you waited to get back in the states