13 July 2006

Pizza D.O.C.

There is a pizza parlor near us that was recommended by our friend, Giorgio, which we have frequented about once a week. Pizza D.O.C. is run by Alfredo, who works behind a marble countertop with fresh ingredients displayed in front of him. He hand-makes each pizza himself and then slides it into a large open face wood burning oven. Alfredo makes true Neapolitan pizza and the D.O.C. in the name is a certification of this. Pizza Vera, the sign says.

The first time we went there we were the only customers so Alfredo called out to us from behind the counter to tell him what kind of pizza we wanted. Fortunately, Valerie’s Italian was good enough to know what he was saying and we yelled back our order. He was surprised that we were from America and was truly friendly.

A couple weeks later when Valerie’s parents were in town we took them there. Sweet Alfredo finished our meal with a calzone filled with Nutella. Chocolate baked inside pizza dough may sound odd but it sure was tasty with that hot filling. Just before we left for Ascoli Piceno we again visited Pizza D.O.C.; this time we were treated to ice cold limoncello, compliments of Alfredo, which we sipped as we walked along the sea back to our house.

Wednesday night we were back after our two-weeks absence and, as we were getting ready to leave, Alfredo had me come behind the counter and handle the large pizza paddle up to his work counter where he slid on fresh pizzas and directed me where to place them inside his wood burning oven, three in all. Perhaps if our funds run low I can get a job with Alfredo feeding the pizza oven.

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