11 June 2006

We now have internet access

The home we are staying in does not have a phone line nor cable so we have not had access to the internet in the house. If we want to access the internet we have had to walk up to the nearest bus stop and wait for the bus to take us to the nearest internet point. The combined bus ride and an hour on the internet can be as long as 3 hours just to check email, let alone be able to do any web searching.

This caused us to realize how dependant we had become on the internet. In New Mexico we had cable access with wi-fi for our personal computer and I had DSL and cellular access for my work notebook. Searching on the web or checking email was as simple as tapping a few keys any time we wanted.

We have found a solution to our internet woes for now by using a connection through a cell phone. This provides a set number of hours per month for a low fee but the connection is slower than what we were used to with DSL and cable in New Mexico but beggars can not be choosy. Depending on our air time usage we may also look into a cell card for our notebook with unlimited time offered by a different cell provider.. At least now we can access the internet from our house without being at the mercy of the local bus.

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Anonymous said...

I know that will make things easier.