17 June 2006

How do I carry all of this?

When we go into town I usually need to take several items with me that won’t all fit into my pockets, especially since I am one who does not like to carry a lot in my pants pockets. When we venture out I usually take a map of Anzio while we still get to know the town, a bus schedule, bus tickets, my cell phone, a small notebook with pen and the ever necessary English/Italian dictionary. My pants would need suspenders to carry all of this in my pockets.

Fortunate for me I quickly noticed the men in this area had an answer for this problem – a “messenger bag”. Not quite the “men’s bag” that Joey from ‘Friends’ had but a small bag about the size of a Bible with some pockets and a strap for wearing over the shoulder and on the opposite hip. I found one of these at a bargain price at the local mercato and this has become my constant companion on ventures into town.

The messenger bag appears to be popular with the younger men (I’ll put myself in that category) while the older men seem to wear what looks like a fishing vest. This is a cotton sleeveless vest with pockets on the front that is worn open. I have seen Italian men from all stratus of society around Anzio wearing these vests.

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