30 June 2006

Hot and humid summer in Italia

We grew up in Ohio where it is hot and humid in the summer, but having lived in New Mexico for the past 19 years we have become accustomed to dry hot summers while the past 2 weeks in Italy have been hot and humid with little cloud cover and temperatures in the low 90’s. Air conditioning is more prevalent here than in years past but both the house in Anzio and the apartment where we are staying in Ascoli Piceno do not have air conditioning.

From the locals we learn that these temperatures are the norm, a good reason for the mid-day siesta. Once the sun goes down the people come out into the piazzas to chat, eat gelato and just enjoy the cool temperatures in a medieval town setting. After sunset at least the temperature begins to drop and a cool breeze blows into our open windows which cool things down by the time the sun rises at 5:30 AM, but it heats up close to 90 degrees by 10:00 AM.

Here in the centro there are narrow alleys between houses, some as narrow as 5 feet with three story stone buildings on either side which make for shaded walkways during the day. I find myself making my path to my destination via as many of these alleys as possible to take advantage of the shade and cool stone. There are various fountains around the centro which provide a cool drink anytime during the day or night.

We are praying for some relief in the temperatures but realize this is only the end of June and it will probably get worse before it gets better. Just one of those things we are learning to adjust to. Fortunately shorts are much more acceptable in Italy than years past.

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Anonymous said...

At least all that heat and humidity give you a good excuse to eat more gelato.