07 March 2006

Selling off furniture

As I have noted previously there are many items we are unloading that we do not need or want to store and some of these items are furniture and a pair of bicycles. These are some of the last items we are getting rid of as they are still in use but as we get closer to our move date we have to start disposing of them. Our first option was to offer items to friends who we knew might be interested in a particular item. We have also had people who when they heard of our upcoming move would ask about a certain piece of furniture they knew we had.

Since we decided to move last summer we have had at least one garage sale with mixed results but have found that process makes for a very long Saturday. No more garage sales for me!

We sold our baby-grand piano several weeks ago by placing an ad in the Albuquerque Journal and that is an option we will probably use next week. In the meantime Valerie has posted some items on www.craigslist.org and we were able to sell our kitchen table through that venue yesterday and also had an inquiry on our leather love-seat.

I have made several trips to the local Goodwill donation location with small items and clothing and what we have left will be donated to them or another local charity before we leave town.

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